YASEM (Yet Another Stb EMulator) is an IPTV Set Top Box emulator.
It allows users to watch IPTV channels and use other IPTV services on their desktop systems.

Powerful emulation system

Supports emulation of:

  • MAG-100
  • MAG-200
  • MAG-245/250
  • MAG-254/255
  • MAG-260*
  • Dune HD - 102 (Limited support)
* MAG 260 has its own emulator that is compatible with MAG-XYZ STBs, so YASEM works in MAG-250 emulation mode.

Cross platform software

YASEM works on Windows, Linux and OS X.

Supports plugins

YASEM is a plugin based software. You may create your own plugin or download an existing one to extend YASEM's abilities.

Open source

You may get YASEM sources for free under GPL v2 license terms.