Here you may find answers for some of frequently asked questions

Q: When I try to open a portal I can only see a black screen
A: There might be a few reasons for that:
  • Something wrong with your network connection.
  • Portal doesn't work. Try to open the URL in your desktop browser to see if portal works.
  • You try to use a portal designed for the device, that is not supported by YASEM.
Q: Some of media streams (or all streams) not working
A: YASEM is in alpha version yet. It may not support some of media streams, but it depends on your operation system.
Q: When I start a channel I can hear a sound, but don't see any video
A: In most cases this may happens because of missing codecs.
Q: Portal can be loaded by YASEM, but I can't navigate through portal's menu or do some actions
A: YASEM was tested on a limited amount of portals. Please, create a message on "Contact" page and write an URL of the portal that doesn't work.
Q: Portal renders incorrectly, some blocks are visible when they shouldn't be
A: Page semi-transparency is not implemented in YASEM yet, so if portal tries to make some of its components semi-transparent they won't be. If this makes a portal unusable, please, try to use another portal.